Tips for Beginners

Practical tips and tricks for beginners. Yoga is practiced barefoot on a non-slip surface (mat). Wear comfortable clothes, something that allows you to move freely. Take note that it is always a little warmer in a yoga studio than in a gym, so plan a sports bra or a tee shirt. If you're practicing at … Continue reading Tips for Beginners


What’s your List?

I have this thing where, when I need to remember something, I type it into my Notes app on my phone. Does anyone else do this? I keep a gratitude diary on it and every night before going to sleep I write 5 to 10 good things about my day in it. When I stop … Continue reading What’s your List?

Sand Cloud Towels – Help Save our Beaches

Our beaches are beautiful places to enjoy your sand all year round. The salt sea is the ultimate playground, and the sandy shoreline is the ideal place for your holiday. However, our oceans are in danger. There are enormous threats to our shores and our seas. Unfortunately, while we can have the best intentions, each of … Continue reading Sand Cloud Towels – Help Save our Beaches

First Post! – Benefits of Yoga

Hi! Wow this is my first post (how scary!) Welcome to my blog! I wanted to start with something that everyone has wondered at least once in their lifetime. What are the benefits to yoga? Why is everyone doing it? What good will it do to me? How do I start? First of all, the … Continue reading First Post! – Benefits of Yoga