Sand Cloud Towels – Help Save our Beaches

Our beaches are beautiful places to enjoy your sand all year round. The salt sea is the ultimate playground, and the sandy shoreline is the ideal place for your holiday.
However, our oceans are in danger. There are enormous threats to our shores and our seas. Unfortunately, while we can have the best intentions, each of us poses a risk to this environment.

What can we do to help? Here’s a little list of things you can do, no matter where you are in the world.

1. Take care of your rubbish

Make sure to recycle any plastics you use at home or bring to the beach.

2. Change your packaging

Along with recycling of disposable packaging, why not switch to a more eco-friendly option? Try reusable glass, wood or metal instead. In addition, try biodegradable plastics.

3. Feed yourself, not the animals

If you decide to bring food to the beach, make sure it is for you, and only you! This way it doesn’t disrupt the diets of animals, such as birds or fish, that share the beach and the sea with you.

4. Cut the 6 pack

Ok don’t worry, you don’t have to cut beer from your diet to help out! Simply take some scissors to cut out the plastic packaging of your pack of 6 to make sure that the marine animals are not caught in the holes.

5. Join a clean up!

If you live near the beach, label along a local cleaning. Team up with an organization or plan it yourself!

6. Adopt a Beach (bare with me)

Take a beach under your wing! As an organization, community or group, you and your fellow beach lovers can adopt an area to service and clean regularly.

7. Eat seafood caught in a sustainable manner

If you enjoy eating seafood, research the fish you buy and the restaurants you eat at. Make sure you do not contribute to an unethical and dangerous practice.

8. Change your sun lotion

Buy organic sun cream, or look for a sun protector with safe ingredients. Keep your skin free from damage, while decreasing the potential threat to the ocean.

9. Be an ocean-friendly pet owner

If you bring your pets to the beach, make sure to clean up after them. Even if you are not close to the sea, read the labels on pet food, never flush cat litter down the drain and do not mix saltwater fish with your aquarium friends.

10. Spread the word

Why not talk to your family and friends about everything you’ve learned? Educate everyone you love so they can help do their part to protect the oceans that we all love.

11. Buy a Sand Cloud!

That’s right, even online shopping helps! Sand Cloud donates 10% of their net profits to protect marine life. Use my reduction code GeorginaL25 for 25% off your order! Here are a few things you can buy…




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