What’s your List?

I have this thing where, when I need to remember something, I type it into my Notes app on my phone. Does anyone else do this?

I keep a gratitude diary on it and every night before going to sleep I write 5 to 10 good things about my day in it. When I stop to think about the good moments of my day, I remember to be more pleased and grateful about what I have.

I also have a reminder page, where I like to write down a few things I should remember for the next day. Here’s my reminder list from last night:
Life is a journey.
Not a competition.
Smile more.
Be happy.
Be happy for other people’s accomplishments.
Don’t waste time being angry.
Appreciate life.
Be grateful.
Accept yourself.
Love yourself.
Treat your body with respect.
Be kind to others.
Work hard.
Take time to read a book .
Take time to stop, breathe and relax.
Don’t let other people’s actions get you down .
Enjoy your day because there may be no tomorrow.
Give to charity.
Take time to catch up with friends.
Tell your family that you love them.
It’s okay to cry sometimes…

I feel it’s important to write down my feelings. Why?

“When you write down your ideas you automatically focus your full attention on them. Few if any of us can write one thought and think another at the same time. Thus a pencil and paper make excellent concentration tools.”
Michael Leboeuf

“Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.”
Francis Bacon, Sr.

If your memory is anything like mine it’s like a leaking bucket. Since I’ve started to write things down more often I have also noticed when reviewing old notes how much my memory can leak. (My memory isn’t very reliable, I’m a bit like a gold fish) Every time we remember something we recreate what happened rather than just replay a film from our mental archives. The recreation is directed by a number of things such our beliefs, our emotional state at the time and our self-image.

Written goals are very important. One thing a lot of very successful self improvement writers – Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and so on – go on and on about is the importance of having written goals. A written goal brings clarity and focus. It gives you a direction. And by rewriting your goals you not only reaffirm what your goals are.You may also find new insights that bring more clarity and focus to your goal and life.
A written goal is also a powerful reminder that you can use to keep yourself on the right track when you feel stressed and may consider making hasty decisions.

To remind yourself of what to focus on. Often we get caught up in our everyday business and lose track of what is most important. To keep yourself on track – instead of just keeping yourself busy with low-priority tasks – simply write down a reminder that can stop your thoughts when you see it and guide you back on track again.

Clearer thinking. You can’t hold that many thoughts in your head at once. If you want to solve a problem it can be helpful to write down your thoughts, facts and feelings about it. Then you don’t have to use your mind for remembering, you can instead use it to think more clearly. Having it all written down gives you an overview and makes it easier to find new connections that can help you solve the problem.

Get to know yourself and your life better and improve long-term focus on what’s important. You can use a journal, a Notes app or even just a piece of paper as a way to keep an overview of your thinking over a longer time span and to recognize both positives and negatives in your thinking and actions.

I hope this helps and inspires you to write down your thoughts and feelings of the day. Try it, and tell me what your list is and how writing down things has helped you.



One thought on “What’s your List?

  1. I keep a gratitude list on my notes app too! I have a journal next to my bed that I like to add it to at the end of the day along with everything else whizzing about in my head like quotes, books to read etc.

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