Addicted to Inversions¡

Hey there! I hope you’re having or have had a wonderful day.

I wanted to write a little post about inversions.

This is something I absolutely loooove doing. I do it everyday, at the end of every yoga sequence, even if I’m not feeling very strong.

What are inversions?



Inversions are handstands (adho-mukha-vrksasana), headstands (salamba-sirshasana) and shoulder stands (salamba-sarvangasana).

What are the benefits?



Inversions strengthen the core muscles, shoulders, arms and wrists. (so if you want to build those back muscles and get rid of your flabby arms, do this!) They also improve balance, help concentration and calm the mind.

How to start?


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For beginners, you should start against a wall, because you will almost certainly use it for balance to begin with.

Try facing away from the wall, and climbing up it with your feet. This will strengthen your core and build it up until you won’t need the wall anymore.


If there are days where you feel weak, your arms don’t feel strong, or you’re just not that confident, then maybe leave it for the day.

Don’t worry if you fall, we all do! Maybe you could practice falling a few times so that you know how to deal with it, and you won’t fear it anymore.

Try to exit your poses one leg at a time. Otherwise all of your weight will fall down at once, and you might end up hurting yourself.

Once you’ve got used to it, you can start playing! Try doing the splits in the air, or downward dog against the wall, or even doorway handstands. Have fun!

I hope this helped ! Comment below if you have any questions or doubts.



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