Eyelash extensions

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely and fattening Easter. I definitely did. 

So today I wanted to talk about eyelash extensions. I got mine done about a week ago and wanted to share some tips and opinions. 

Tip 1: shower before your appointment, because you shouldn’t wet your lashes 24-48h after. 

Opinion 1: they’re f***ing annoying. Why? Because I sleep on my side and my tummy. Because on my back I can’t get comfortable. And with lash extensions that is impossible!! I’ve tried, and I just keep bending them, and it actually hurts my natural lashes. Not impressed. 

Tip 2: if you like to sleep on your side and your tummy, don’t get lash extensions. 

Opinion 2: I’ve had mine for about a week now, and some are already bending and falling out. Granted this could be because my technician isn’t very good, or it could be because that’s what lash extensions do. I don’t know but I’m annoyed. 

Tip 3: try not to touch them or get them wet, keep them as natural as you possibly can, no mascara, no spoolie, nothing. 

Opinion 3: I also like to rub my eyes during the night, it’s a comfort thing, like babies do, and I can’t do that with lash extensions. Also I actually miss my natural lashes. 

Opinion 4: okay, yes, they look amazing, and I love waking up looking amazing, but they’re just not for me, I’d rather be ugly in the morning. 

I’m sorry if I’ve made you not want to get lash extensions anymore. These are just my opinions! I’ve read plenty of other blog posts from people who are addicted and absolutely love them. So don’t let me sway you. Do what you like and tell me what you think below 😊 have a lovely day! 


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